Spine Docs OnlineConservative Neuromusculoskeletal Care for the Chiropractor and Chiropractic Student

Spine Docs Online was developed as a resource for practicing chiropractors and chiropractic students.  This site provides the resources for those who would like to practice evidence-based conservative care for non-surgical neuromusculoskeletal conditions.  We are also the home of the spinedocs online discussion group.  This group is dedicated to discussing current events in the chiropractic profession as they relate to this type of conservative neuromusculoskeletal care.

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Spinedocs is a list for chiropractors and chiropractic students where we will openly discuss serious issues about clinical conservative neuromusculoskeletal care.

Members may post abstracts, websites, journals, education, the need for changes in standards in neuromusculoskeletal care and education, and research. Only abstracts of scientific papers/articles/research may be posted to the list for discussion. Small excerpts from the body of a paper may also be posted for critical comment. When possible, paraphrasing should be used. Under no circumstances should full-text articles, websites, news stories and other copyrighted works/materials be posted to the list, nor should any public offer for trading/e-mailing full-text articles be made on the list. If a free full-text article is available online, a link to the paper/website/news story/copyrighted work should be provided.

There will be ABSOLUTELY no lambasting of the medical or pharmaceutical professions. Comparisons of different therapies available to patients are certainly reasonable topics, however.

Please provide evidence beyond anecdote when posting and include the reference for the paper.

Please include full name, degrees and affiliation at the end of each post and include the post you are replying to with your comments.

Please refrain from making short posts like…”I agree” or “great post” to the list. Send those posts directly to the author of the post upon which you’re commenting.

There are no "stupid questions” in this group. Please feel free to ask any question that you like.

There will be no tolerance for anything but legitimate, non-vitriolic, non-verbose, non-cynical commentary.

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